Automotive & Industrial Practice provides services to various industrial sectors – from car manufacturers and their suppliers and distributors to steel production, electro-technical production, construction and transportation companies. Their challenge is to be able to develop new products and services for their clients that would be specifically adjusted for local markets but at the same time would effectively benefit from global supply chain of partners that work nonstop across a number of time zones.

Automotive companies are one of the main investors in the CEE region. At the same time local companies across a spectrum of industrial sectors also invested heavily on their local markets. Automotive sector is the main pillar of Slovak economy in long-term period.

Relatively low wages on one side and well developed expertise competence of the labor together with infrastructure development on the other side make the CEE region attractive for international production companies in various sectors.

Continuously and systematically built in-depth knowledge of wide spectrum of industries and active long-term networking with opinion leaders are key added value of Amrop Jenewein consulting team. Automotive & Industrial Practice team members are prepared to carry out consulting, executive search, analytical and assessment projects for wide range of leadership, managerial and expert roles on local, regional as well as global levels. Thanks to close and intensive cooperation with clients our consulting teams identify the optimal human capital and help create and optimize effective managerial capacities as well as expert level.

Mario Fondati