Through context driven processes Amrop Jenewein assists organizations in creating various types of Boards and setting up their operations according to Corporate Governance principles thus enabling them in meeting challenging expectations.

In current world demands on Boards of companies keep growing. Board members should therefore be professionals experienced in their respective industries and they should create properly composed team possessing global viewpoint, local foundations together with sophisticated strategic views of doing business. Main characteristics of the team should include personal integrity of each member, transparency, responsibility and general agility in facing the external environment. Expectations placed on Boards from stockholders, regulators, capital markets and other stakeholders keep growing. That is the reason for rising level of standards for Corporate Governance and strengthening requirements of Corporate Social Responsibility. In family business the topic of family governance is a sensitive one as it deals with family related issues. Most of the families at some point come to the situation that they need officially discuss family assets management and allocation, change of leadership or fair distribution of roles and responsibilities. To achieve this they usually need to use Family Board or institutionalized family meetings.

Amrop Jenewein helps clients build Agile Boards to increase their effectivity and achieve desired results:

  • Leading Boards
  • – the true transformation to agile organization begins at the Board level and therefore we help with:

    • setting up responsibilities
    • optimal structure and composition
    • effective processes and continuous improvement
    • increasing personal integrity and ownership