In a digital world powered by high technology, a corporate and even an employer reputation can be destroyed literally in an instant. The value of management of relations with various interest groups, both external and internal, is therefore important and strategic for the top management. Opponents, enemies or haters are becoming bolder and more refined, regulatory frameworks are narrowing, public opinion is more sensitive, and consumers and employees are more demanding. Strategic supervisors and protectors of corporate reputation are people working mostly in the positions of Chief Communications & Public Affairs Officers, in other words, Corporate Affairs Manager.

Corporations with their management and ownership structures are challenged to a higher extent nowadays with more demanding, frequent, transparent and complex communication with a wider and more diversified number of internal and external target groups – stakeholders. These situations require Communications & Public Affairs/Corporate Affairs professionals capable of developing communication strategies and explaining the company’s business to consumers, business partners, owners, and investors, as well as to society, state, government, regulators, interest associations, professional organizations, always in accordance with business strategy and market sustainability.

Experts who can anticipate the challenges of the social, regulatory, political and business environment, who can protect and intensify the reputation of the organization are required for this mission. Simultaneously they should be able to develop influence through discovering new openings for dialogue with internal and external stakeholders in areas where public opinion clashes with business targets. Stakeholder diversity is represented by suppliers, customers, employees, various communities, media, state, and public administration, interest associations, bureaus, professional organizations, trade unions, international organizations, European organizations, and subjects, etc.

Communications & Public Affairs leaders of these days are most often at C-level or Board (top management). They create impressive synergy with Trusted Advisor, who is a functional expert and a business partner with a global orientation. Experts in Communications & Public Affairs have a consulting and integration role and are a firm part of the top management. Their competencies must be a great combination of IQ and EQ, strategic thinking, entrepreneurial mindset, and tremendous adaptability. With noting the development of digitization, technology, and new media, it’s not enough for them to be communicative technically and process-savvy. They must be empathetic and patient diplomats able to look at things with business acumen, from the perspective of many stakeholders (360-degree perspective), in 4D view, to influence and persuade, to have the energy and enthusiasm for constant change, or to work with employee and customer engagement to protect and strengthen the company reputation on the market.

Amrop with its expertise in Communications & Public Affairs covers the following functional specializations:

  • Corporate Brand
  • Corporate Communication
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Executive Communications
  • Government/Public Affairs
  • Internal Communication
  • Investor Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Public Policy
  • Public Relations
  • Regulatory Development
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Thought Leadership


Important: To have a credible message accepted and appealing to the general public, communicated from a reliable source and by various media concerning the target audience, and the story they will be interested in.

Organizations need a well-designed and authentic communication strategy much more than ever before to earn their status in a VUCA world, concerning many hot topics and also in accordance to their social and environmental responsibility at the same time. Entrepreneurs are confronted with communication challenges on many fronts, ranging from topics of high interest in traditional media (TV, print, etc.) to bloggers and influencers in the field of social networks and Internet media. Corporate communication must be strategically created by the interaction of both business and communication professionals through the efficient use of diverse media types and communication channels. Leadership and strategically thinking companies transform their Corporate Affairs departments by leveraging new technologies and communication strategies to deliver messages faster and more efficiently and infiltrate them into the minds and hearts of internal and external stakeholders.

The corporate message must be consistently formulated and disseminated, and there is no need to underestimate the fact that traditional forms of communication have changed dramatically in terms of technological advancement, new social media and customer behavior, the spacetime of customers, employees or wider public intervention. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Kik are just a brief listing of channels that have changed the dynamics and nature of communication and the way of how often, where and how the message is spread and received. Communications & Public Affairs Officers leaders must be experts in multimedia and social networking. At the same time, they must realize that press releases, opinions and, so-called white papers are now “out”. Ready and timed “attack” is the best defense. Communication professionals need to properly set up, create and anticipate these target audience challenges rather than respond to activities of market competitors by finding a unique and sensitive border between the propagation of product, service, brand, corporate philanthropy or employee benefits, and authentic communication.

Amrop delivers fully-fledged and diversified consulting solutions taking in account requirements to discover, attract, assess and know specific talents with Communications & Public Affairs expertise through the number of consulting solutions as Executive Search, Strategic Talent Acquisition, Executive Coaching, Competency-Based Assessments, Career Management, and Succession Planning. At Amrop, we are capable to be your trusted partner who can identify and motivate the communication leaders of the future.

Ladislava Molnárová