Cosumer Markets & Media sector is highly competitive and full of branded products and services. Continuing innovations and need for quick reaction to changes in consumer preferences and behavior are essential to success and sometimes necessary for survival. Producers of well-known brands are focused on development of key products in their portfolio and innovations while in the times of business consolidation they face challenge from retail chains introducing private brands reflecting demand of global markets.

Amrop Jenewein consultants in this practice group have in-depth knowledge and experience directly from previous careers in companies from this sector and from carrying out a number of Executive Search as well Human Consulting projects.

Leaders placed by Amrop distinguish their current employers from competitors and activate customers in the CEE region to opt for their products. Amrop consulting team is known for quick identification of qualified candidates and selection of leaders with exceptional track record and references and meeting high performance standards expected by clients.

Thanks to cross-sector experience and close team cooperation we deliver optimal solutions to client needs and advise them when to look inside sector or outside of it, when to go for a “star” candidate or opt for a high-potential future leader. Long-term relationships with top leaders from the sector and expert knowledge of consultants and managers enable Amrop Jenewein to deliver working tailor-made solutions.

Ladislava Molnárová