We can see the term digital more and more often and all around. Digital technology and innovation have been developed much faster and more aggressive than any other industry in recent years. Digital accompanies us at every step of work and everyday life, and for some of us, it is even unimaginable to be offline. The data has become a new world commodity stored in the cloud. Our social lives are growing on a scale of social significance, and we use AI (Artificial Intelligence) not only in business but also in personal lives. With all of this, the question of security is being added; in other words, the matter of safeness in the digital space.

The 21st century brought an extreme acceleration of digitization and related innovations. On the one hand, these changes present exciting challenges in business, but at the same time, they open the door to many threats that have been unknown until now. Neither market economy sector can think that it will remain immune to these changes. The digital storm is here, and it is up to us how we deal with it. We can build an impenetrable bunker around us, making us immune not only to this storm but also to the other market and the people in it. We can even freely be devoted to its power and be grinded by it. In this case, our businesses and lives will be driven by the digital wave, but we will not be able to use it for our benefit. Or we will confidently, and at the same time, with full respect, stand on the surf and go upon this wave while we will experience the most adventurous ride.

At Amrop Jenewein, we realize that the digital era also places substantial criteria for business leaders. They need to understand the complexity of the global market with its technological pressure and must effectively implement difficult strategic and operational decisions. It is not only about technology companies or startups, but also about sectors in which the concept of digital has become an integral part.

Important: The pressure caused by digital disruption and cybersecurity is increasing. Discussions on this topic are becoming increasingly current. How do organizations deal with digitization and related processes? The study Are boards ready for digital disruption, brings more light to this subject.

As part of our services, we have chosen an integrated and specific approach to each of the selections for clients, utilizing the profound knowledge and expertise of consultants from many sectors. Thanks to the global reach, specialized expertise together with access to world markets and unrepeatable experience with the most experienced leaders, Amrop consultants have become sought-after advisors for the most urgent questions in the private and public sectors.

Our professionals keep pace with the market and develop their skills and knowledge to understand and reflect the demands of such a dynamic industry as digital undoubtedly is. The knowledge and experience we have gained enable us to deliver Executive Search services with an emphasis on the challenges that Digital brings. We can help in defining the strategic vision, organizational planning, and finding the key leaders with the optimal experience for your segment while taking the technological challenges of today and tomorrow into account. Whether you’re looking for a manager of your startup’s development or an experienced professional to implement data analysis of your retail sales, we’re ready to help.

Are boards ready for digital disruption? (Full Report)…

Matej Taliga