Executive Coaching is a form of high level development designed for Board members and senior leaders, executives and entrepreneurs applied in areas of strategic management, ambitious targets achieving and implementing new strategic plans. Coaching enables an increase of personal managerial efficiency, influence and authority and achieving desired results. Moreover, it helps to successfully manage processes and human capital, to function effectively in a dynamically changing environment and to strengthen loyalty.

Coaching unlocks human potential. This is an extremely efficient and effective method of personal development as it helps to understand and solve problems naturally and to face them using own skills via mobilization of internal reserves. Coaching can be described as the “guidance on the road”. Through offering different perspectives, initiating better perception of reality, inspiration and discovering new opportunities, it gets the best out of the coached person and so opens the way for further success.

The basic principle of coaching is that the coach does not advise on specific cases, but allows personal development and overcoming of internal barriers. The coach’s work does not focus on the past, but on the future. Furthermore, the coach does not search for causes and defects. The coach never assumes a superior role and does not desire to control the coachee. Their relationship is seen more as a long-term partnership and alliance.

Effectively working manager uses logical thinking, emotions, intuition, motivation and creativity to build effective teams, increase mutual trust and maintain high performance. These results can be optimally achieved through brain based coaching. It is because from brain comes our behaviour and ability to adapt, and these two factors are decisive for human performance.

Coaching is often used as a continuous active support during periods when people in organization are seeking an independent and constructive feedback on the direction the organization has embarked on, its structure and resources, improvements in self-presentation, vision, plan or strategy, or when development of important interpersonal skills of managers is needed to better fulfil a leadership role. Simply put: it is applied whenever it is necessary to optimize and influence the ability of key personnel in order to increase their performance and contribution to achieve common goals.

In our practice we are one of the few companies in Slovakia that uses the latest neuroscience findings in coaching and that builds on breakthrough knowledge on how the human brain can influence performance of managers and leaders. On top of this we have put together a unique team of nine internationally certified coaches of diversified backgrounds. Using their individual abilities and experience in combination with our know-how in providing incomparable variable solutions we are effectively addressing the real problems of our clients.

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