Financial Services sector represented by banking, insurance, leasing, investment and similar companies is driven mainly by optimization in the past few years. Slovakia similar to CEE region is influenced by mergers and acquisitions of relevant financial organizations. Together with this trend goes stricter regulation of main market players. The sector is also influenced by globalization and still hit by the financial crisis.

In this dynamically changing environment it is very important to have the ability to assess overall efficiency and further optimize processes with direct impact on human capital. It reflects that organizations must be more flexible to adapt to market changes. This situation brings need to have in strategic positions professionals who are capable of defining principles of effective management to succeed in increased competition.

With the aim to face current challenges on the global market financial services companies need strong leaders and reliable professionals with broad international experience and good networkers. On top of that they need to have product, service, technical and performance driven qualities. The Financial Services Practice has growing tendency and ability continuously improve own approach to succeed in partnership with clients in dynamically changing environment.

Leadership role of Professional Services organizations is changing with their gradual transformation on international multicultural corporations. Leaders in these organizations are able to effectively balance individual culture and high quality service expectations from clients.

Amrop Jenewein has access to top talent and leaders in Professional Services sector on Slovak market and cooperates with a number of partners – from international to top local players – to search for Senior Partners and Executive Managers in the areas of finance, information technologies, human resources, legal, marketing or investment.

As integrated global practice Amrop puts together optimal combination of professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of the sectors of their clients.

Marek Hradílek