The newest trends in Research & Development move further the boundaries of human knowledge and scientific experimenting. Together with link to global trends it brings new challenge to define new structure in Healthcare & Life Science to biotechnology, healthcare providers, pharma and medical devices companies.

Biotechnology is one of the most dynamically developing sectors on both American as well as European continents. This expansion leads to high demand for quality human capital that can level up innovations in different disciplines (nanotechnologies, genetic engineering, DNA & RNA research, etc.) Based on the main trends it can be foreseen that CEE region will also experience dynamic development of biotechnology. Amrop Jenewein is proud that it can address specific needs of clients in this sector.

Healthcare providers have experienced also dynamic development over the past decade in the CEE region. We have noted especially dynamic trend linked to structural changes in public healthcare. In the current situation it is typical to introduce new services, quality increase of private, formerly state-owned healthcare providers and entry of new providers.

Pharma and medical devices companies need to strengthen their potential in the R&D area to innovate and to launch new products to achieve shareholder value growth. With the trend of longer ROI, gradual patent expiration and increase of costs aimed at research and marketing, it is needed to identify new ways how to achieve business targets.

For taking on these challenges Amrop Jenewein brings original solutions – identification of experienced managers who know in detail both aspect of Life Science – science and management. Thanks to our experience and knowledge we can effectively help organizations in all areas – biotechnology, healthcare providers, pharma and medical devices companies.

Ladislava Molnárová