The mission of HR departments is changing – HR manager is becoming more and more strategic partner to top management. This means that also top management expectations are changing. HR managers have to take care of not only personnel administration but also anticipate future needs of the business and adjust HR policies based on that. Through that they can move their organization to future growth based on acquiring, developing and retaining the right human capital.

For HR professionals understanding the business and familiarity with business environment are inevitable to the same extent as experience in the position outside human resources. We view this combination as a necessary part of career development of the exceptional HR leaders. Agenda of today’s HR professionals includes world financial and economic crisis, digital innovations and technology development, social media, globalization, changes in workforce structure and related deepening generation differences, their values, expectations and work attitudes, strong share of generation Y in the job market with its specifics, international virtual work teams, Corporate Social Responsibility importance and living up to the values of the organization.

Key issue seems to be the ability to deal with uncertainty, ambiguity and volatility of the business environment. Core activity of the HR professional is to get and retain talents and work with employee engagement. “People Relations Managers” have to effectively handle on going changes and leadership skills. Role of HR leaders could be seen as competition for talents. Even in context of rapidly growing number of regional Shared Service Centres in EMEA region the HR mission is clear – organizational structure and obtaining and development of talents.

Amrop Jenewein puts emphasis on building and developing long-term and stable relations with Human Resources representatives across all industries. On one side we cooperate with them as with candidates and on the other side as with clients. Day-to-day reality shows that society keeps changing dynamically including Human Resources area. HR Manager is a strategic partner for business and his/ her role is a complex combination of conceptual, methodological, consulting, guiding, organizational, coaching and mentoring functions. Key and often forgotten requirement for HR managers is creating and developing relations and discovering accurate communications channels with CEO and with top management. It is important and inevitable for HR management to be included in management of the organization. However not all HR professionals are prepared to be part of top management and to be an equal partner in business discussions.

In Amrop Jenewein we understand needs of organizations and their HR departments. We can make sure that our clients will have professionals that can manage human resources agenda to help the business. We know that at HR department, similar to other parts of the organization, individual organizations need managers who have entrepreneurship, strategic thinking, financial and business acumen and can work with different types of data.

Competencies of today’s HR leaders are:

  • HR as a process expert
  • HR as a change bearer
  • HR managing people relations and development
  • HR as a business partner and top management partner
  • HR as people ambassador

Amrop Jenewein with its HR expertise covers following functional specializations:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Personnel administration, labour law relations, communication and management of relations with union organization
  • Development and training of employees
  • Remuneration and motivation
  • Corporate culture and living the values (communication, CSR, corporate philanthropy)
  • Employer brand, personal marketing

We advise top management and HR managers on issues linked to building right leadership in organizations. In cooperation withLeadership Services we help to set optimal organizational structure, performance management systems, and succession planning systems, talent mapping and development systems including competency assessment, set up of competency models, career management and individual management development through coaching.

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