Mgr. Igor Kamačai graduated at the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany in psychology, focused on clinical and communication psychology.

He has many years of experience as top manager in human resources, HR board member and proxy holder in global firms within Western, Central and Eastern European countries and Russia. He managed legal and IT departments. He performed as Strategy & Green field HR Manager and implemented new aspects of HR management in praxis – organizational structure, company culture, employment politics, employees’ education and development, HR legislation, social politics, employees’ remuneration and motivation. He worked in sector tariff committees for labor negotiations in Germany and Austria representing associations of employers and cooperated with labor unions.

He led more than 100 coaching hours in position business coach of top managers. He studied at CTC – Academy Vienna. He is the founder of personnel counseling firm Mgr. Igor Kamačai – Management & HR Consultancy. The main scope of his profession is continuous development and effectiveness growth of human resources focused on: Assessment Center – HR Due Diligence, Coaching – Reengineering, Development Centre – Succession Planning, Development of Organization – Talent Management, and HR Audit.

He successfully realized projects of companies’ restructuring, assessment and development centre, potential analysis, team and individual coaching focused on personnel and career development of manager.

He is certified GRID trainer, NLP Practitioner, and mediator specialized on top managers problem solving. He is DGFP member.

Life credo: The recognition of our achievements and results makes sense of our work and moves it forwards.