In close cooperation with Jenewein Group a Business Innovation Network (BIN) experts we offer complex and tailor made solutions.

Amrop Jenewein is a sought out partner for finding solutions to various challenges in the areas of human capital such as identification, development and optimization of human resources in order to maximize their value and ensure return on the required investment. In current demanding conditions we provide our clients – corporations with various types of ownership (Multinational Corporations, Local & Family Owned Businesses and State Owned Enterprises) effective solutions and assist them in achieving their goals and overall success. Amrop Jenewein offers integrated and tailor made solutions to organizations undergoing significant transformation as well as those in need of new business models reflecting their new business strategies. Amrop Jenewein offers integrated and tailor-made solutions using deep knowledge of individual industries as well as the whole business and social environment together with ability to understand and solve challenging situations faced by the clients.

Our solutions help organizations to increase their agility to face challenges of everyday and to accelerate development and growth of their business. By agility we mean overall readiness to understand changing environment, individual and company functioning in it and their ability to quickly adapt.

Agility principle is at the core of our Leadership Services:

Amrop Jenewein provides experience in the areas of optimal organization design, human resources management systems, set up of talent management programs, performance management and management potential development through Executive Coaching programs. Amrop Jenewein also offers context driven process of assessing key competencies development – Context Driven Leadership Assessment program. It is a key element for solutions related to leadership and management techniques and levels. It helps businesses and organizations to ensure long term competitiveness and improves its flexibility in adjusting to the changing conditions. It offers opportunity strategically assess management and talent pool looking into compliance between their inner setup and the setup of the organization, their development needs and their ability to face strategic challenges. Through this service we assist our clients in benchmarking their human capital against market potential locally as well as on global level and utilize potential of their key personnel.

Our specific approach to assessment of managers and leaders is built on organization internal environment analysis, respects development levels of required competencies and applies ground-breaking findings of neuroscience defining human mind specifics which determine human behaviour. Context Driven Leadership Assessment is based on assessing four basic contexts – Business Context, Position Context, Competency Context and Brain & Mind Context.

Amrop Jenewein solutions in the area of Context Driven Leadership Assessment offer a view from a different angle and provide new level of interpretation in assessments of leaders and managers. They are particularly useful in situations involving changes in top management, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, identification of development need of managers and talents, seeking strengths and weaknesses of organizations and uncovering gaps in management team operations.

Talent Dynamics – business development pathway for accelerating trust and flow is another unique product provided by Amrop Jenewein to its contracted clients. It was developed in Singapore to increase cooperation development, trust and efficiency through specific models aimed at individuals, teams, managers and the whole corporation. Individual modules train managers in taking into account capabilities of the people, creating and delivering value at all corporate levels and use entrepreneurial approach in daily management decisions in corporate environment. Talent Dynamics unifies personality profile typology with principles of team dynamics. It is an elaborate system which integrates personal development into management training through coaching and mentoring.

Amrop Jenewein is known for integrating the latest findings in cognitive social neuroscience into the leadership field to reflect what science can tell us about how to improve the performance of a leader, and therefore we are happy to bring another exceptional programme. The i4 Neuroleader Model proposes a novel approach to leadership and a more cost-effective way to reawaken the leadership powers within us, by first identifying our inner abilities and then learning how to use them more effectively. New model is named after four of its pillars: Integration, Inspiration, Imagination and Intuition – it equips leaders with the challenge that leadership development must be more than the cognitive behavioral changes that we have been teaching for generations. We must also learn about the biological processes of our brain, our gut, our heart and the way we integrate our minds with the health of our bodies. The model shows how a leader can develop their mental fitness to Perform, create the Collaboration framework to get the best from constantly changing groups, spark the Innovation required to determine where growth can occur and encourage the Agility to weave strategy and implementation together in interacting experiments of learning.

  • Agile Organizations
  • – agile organizations quickly adapt to changing environment, are run on principles of entrepreneurship and resilience and offer clients not only standardized but also tailor-made products and solutions. Agility requires dynamism of organization in terms of flexibility but also knowing the cornerstones and principles the company was built on. It is our role to help organizations to achieve balance between these two attributes of agility:

    • Leadership Strategy Framework
    • Organizational Structures & Processes
    • Creating Brain-Friendly Cultures
    • Organizational Climate & Leadership Styles
    • Succession Planning