Liana works as a Senior Consultant responsible for both Executive Search and Strategic Talent Acquisition projects. Within the Repatriation of Slovak Executives Abroad Practice she coordinates career opportunities for candidates who after successful foreign career in different positions and in different sectors, are considering returning to their home country or professional growth in another country. Through this functional specialization, Amrop helps to connect the needs of Slovak companies with the qualities of professional potentials with foreign experience, multicultural influences, know-how and values.

From the functional and sector specialization perspective she has solid experience with managing projects involving positions of higher and middle management mostly in Consumer Markets, Media and Financial & Professional Services sectors. She is also involved in Executive Search for highly specialized positions mainly in Automotive & Industrial sector. Liana is a key member of Marketing, Sales & Strategy Officers Practice with dozens of successfully fulfilled positions in the areas of sales, marketing and media.

She joined the company in 2007 after graduating at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica.