Since 2019, as a Chief Operating Officer, he has contributed to the strategic direction and development of Jenewein Group and is responsible for its operational issues with a specific focus on people, quality, processes as well as marketing and branding. From the position of Private Client Partner, he focuses on the private consulting segment. On an individual basis, he develops cooperation with clients from the ranks of the most notable personalities of Czech-Slovak business, shareholders, private investors (Private Equity Executives), family investment groups (Family Offices) and top managers, including professional athletes and artists. He creates and strengthens new relationships and helps in strategic asset planning and management, with development and transformation projects, and with business and leisure activities where Jenewein Group has long-standing experience. At the same time, he develops Executive Search & Leadership Consulting projects across the entire spectrum of companies. He has also joined local and global Amrop Digital Practice Group, where he looks forward to using his experience and knowledge from this field to develop clients and cross-border business for Amrop.

Matej has a wealth of managerial experience – from managing small family businesses to senior multinational corporations. During his career, he has led companies in the financial, telecommunications and IT sectors and has been behind the successful launch of several foreign brands through online sales in Slovakia. His strengths include creating and maintaining business and corporate relationships, building teams, and managing Customer Care from local to international level.

Before joining Jenewein Group, he managed customer relations and service for international customers for the world leader in IT. He was responsible for project management towards customers from Service Delivery to Accounts Receivable. It was right here where he gained a wealth of experience in leading people at a global level and in the field of Cultural Differences.