Multinational Corporations that work in a number of countries across different time zones and in different cultures face new challenges in the form of globalization, search for finding optimal organizational set up between headquarters and their affiliates and in virtual teams. Constant pressure to work more effectively, search for savings, transfer companies to lower cost countries, search for optimal corporate governance and sustainable development – these are some of the challenges these organizations deal with.

Managers working in these structures are expected to have competencies they did not need before – ability to manage uncertainty, ability to apply global concepts locally, ability to work in complex structures and manage business with long-term perspective not only to meet short-term goals.

Amrop being the geographically largest network of Executive Search companies understands local needs of companies and their global concepts. Strategic decisions on operations of Slovak based organization are often made outside the country – either in headquarters or in regional offices which cover Slovakia. Amrop as a multinational organization often executes search for suitable candidates for the positions at regional level and keeps constant contact with leaders in Slovakia as well as with people in regional offices and headquarters where the local representation managers’ report directly or as a part of the matrix structure.

Relations between local management and headquarters are to certain degree delicate. It is often quite demanding for a local manager to convince the headquarters about specifics of local conditions and environment. Therefore it is important that these relations are entered by managers aware of frequent contradiction between local management goas and those of the headquarters and who are able to balance the relationship for the overall benefit. As we communicate with people on both sides we understand the needs of both and through our consulting solutions we help to balance and bring both views together.

We offer our own diversity to clients when helping them find right solutions for any level of their organization. We understand corporate governance concepts and help organizations align their local organizations with global corporate concepts and assess competences that managers need to be successful in this type of organization.

Igor Šulík