Ing. Rudo Lukačka since graduation from Technical University in the year 1973 worked in the field of informatics. He completed several internships and educational stays abroad. Between 1973 and 1982 he worked in the shoemaking industry in Partizánske and these nine years of “Bata” school inspire him even now. In 1991 he established company ELAS, s. r. o., and became its CEO with afterward worth acquisition of HT Computers, a. s. After 14 years of successful operation the company has been acquired by Siemens concern. In 2008 he voluntarily left his top-manager career and devoted it to coaching.

In 2008, after completion of the training run by Erickson College International (Canada) he became a coach. He owns Erickson Certified Professional Coach (ECPC) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) of International Coaching Federation (ICF) certificates and has given more than 500 coaching hours. He focuses on the personal development of top-managers and various leadership aspects. His clients are mostly from the services area (IT, energetics, consulting and banking). He coaches teams too and leads special programs on team development. He also leads development workshops with co-operation of magazines Profit and Trend. His motivational lectures are focused on neccesity of continuous personal development of managers. He also devoted his time to young enterpreneurs.

He is a member of Slovak Coach Association (SAKO) and International Coaching Federation (ICF). In Slovak Chapter of ICF he is responsible for the financial matters. Besides coaching he maintains his contacts with the business community as a member of The Business Alliance of Slovakia, International club, GS1 and other associations.

Life credo: Life is too short to learn from own mistakes only.