Enterprises and companies set up by the State or Local authorities focusing on conducting business and meeting interests of the society are legal entities in which a government, state, regional government or city/town has its stake and control through full, majority or significant minority ownership.

These are known as a state-owned enterprise, state-owned joint-stock company, strategic enterprise, state-owned organization (in which the state performs the founding function or execution of shareholder rights), state monopoly, state fund, a central bank, state financial institution, city/municipal enterprise, public institution, private-public company, public company, etc. These enterprises and companies have a specific legal form and different behavior in business matters and in many other activities.

The statutory, management and supervisory bodies of state-owned enterprises and companies in this sector must adapt to public control and changes in a constantly changing environment. While meeting public policy objectives, their governance needs to be different from the typical state or public institutions set up to pursue purely non-financial objectives.

Thanks to many years of experience of Amrop Jenewein Partners and Senior Consultants, we guide state owned enterprises and companies in this sector to find the right solutions in various areas. By implementing the principles of Corporate Governance into these enterprises and companies, we lead and support them in fulfilling their mission and in increasing the quality and transparency of their functioning.

We assist in the preparation and implementation of selection procedures, in the search and selection of board members, supervisory board members and statutory, managing and functional directors. Furthermore, in talent acquisition, building top teams, evaluating leadership performance, improving organizational and personnel structures, and building and developing personal capacities in this environment.

Our long-standing experience across all sectors enables us to provide efficient and innovative consulting services that enhance the quality and culture of the public service and the level of leadership aimed to effectively govern and manage state-owned enterprises and companies in the sector.

Martin Krekáč