Supply Chain Management is undergoing dynamic changes due to changes on the global market. Success of organizations depends more and more on how they can handle globalized processes in the area of supply chain, logistics and transport. Efficient Supply Chain Management (selection, assessment, development and audit), speed, reliability and efficiency of logistics processes and information, merchandise and financial flows all together significantly influence efficiency and productivity of the whole organization. In addition transport and logistics sectors grow dynamically due to international retail chains expansion, industry and E-commerce development and foreign investors penetrating other sectors of economy. The grow is noticeable in all segments – transport of merchandise, manipulation and storage requesting professionals with specific characteristics and skills who have positive attitude towards modern technologies, market knowledge, entrepreneurial sense and ability to learn and progress.

Amrop Jenewein diligently invests in learning about new trends in the sector as well as people who work in it which helps us effectively address needs of our clients. Through combination of inner environment of supply chain companies, long time experience and regular personal visits of industrial areas of smaller and larger production companies and trade and distribution facilities the Supply Chain & Operations Officers Practice Consultants create massive synergy with general environment across number of industries.

Due to the structure of Slovak economy with quite dominant manufacturing sector this practice group is one of our strongest in Amrop Jenewein portfolio. We help our clients with strategic positions in productions – from plant directors, production and technical directors to management of their own research and development. Consultants involved in production expertise development keep constantly broadening their knowledge starting with mining, metallurgy and processing production through specialized material production to machine processing and assembly. They keep in touch with highly qualified experts in different narrowly specialized areas such as specific technology know-how, materials and processing, design and production and R & D. Many products such as different parts and components for automobiles, cooling compressors, engineering units, medical components, lighting equipment, epoxy composites, construction materials, mouldings or even payment cards are often perfected, implemented and produced with help of experts identified and selected by us.

Amrop Jenewein with its expertise in Supply Chain & Operations Officers covers broad area of the following functional specializations:

  • Integrated Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Transportation & Freight Forwarding & Distribution
  • Warehousing, Material and Inventory Management
  • Procurement & Supplier Development
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Continuous Improvement & Operational Excellence
  • Engineering
  • Quality
  • Maintenance & Facilities & Property
  • Project & Program Management
  • Process Engineering
  • Planning (Demand, Supply, and Operations)
  • New Product Development
  • Value Chain Management
  • Health & Safety
Michal Lukáč