Dr. Tara Swart works as neuroscience consultant and coach and she provides individually tailored coaching at board and chief executive level. This may form part of onboarding support, or may be stand-alone. She applies the science of the brain to executive performance, working to reveal how the brain influences behavior and performance in business leaders. Since 2013 she is part the consulting team of Amrop Slovakia.

She is a neuroscience consultant and executive coach with a unique background. She is an Oxford University trained medical doctor who specialized in Psychiatry. She also has a PhD in neuroscience, which gives her a deep understanding of human performance and behavior patterns, and produces transformative and sustainable results for senior executives and top teams. Tara specializes in working with Board Directors and Leadership teams in Financial Services or CFO’s in various industries. Using a neuro-psychological framework and an element of creativity, allows the coaching relationship to develop along lines needed to accelerate executives through change or transition. Tara is at her most dynamic when working with technically strong, results orientated people who are keen to develop their presence, impact and authority to influence and motivate key people to benefit the business.

An expert in personal effectiveness, she also helps overwhelmed leaders to focus on prioritizing what is most important and what to delegate.

As author of many publications in journals of neuroscience and coaching she is at the forefront of the application of neuroscience to business.

Life credo: Outstanding performance is above all a game played in the head…